6 step Seafood, Feta & Dill Risoni
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Cuisine Companion Seafood, Feta & Dill Risoni

Risoni, or ‘big rice’ pasta looks exactly like that - big fat grains of rice.  It’s great to have in the pantry to add to soups or stews.  This dish has a lovely Greek twist to it and the tastes will have you thinking of summer and the beach – even if it is the middle of winter.

We’ve got in some experts on cooking pasta, our venerable ‘Nonnas’, who told us that pasta should always be cooked in lots of salty water – salty like the Mediterranean in fact.  And after you put the pasta in the boiling water, always give it a stir to help prevent sticking (the salt helps with this too).  If you have hard water where you live, a little squeeze of lemon juice in the water is a great help for your pasta texture.  And after taking it out ‘al dente’ (or still with a little bit of bite to it), moisten it with a little oil or pasta cooking water to prevent clumping or sticking.  And keep some of that pasta cooking water back as it’s great to add a few spoonfulls to your pasta sauce if it needs liquid.

Cheese is not necessarily the first thing you’d think of to have with shellfish, but feta has a salty taste and crumbly texture that goes well with the sweet and luscious prawn meat. Feta also has a long history as the very earliest made cheeses around 5000BC were very similar – crumbly, tangy cheese preserved in salty brines.  These days feta comes in many varieties – sheep, goat or cow milk; Danish or Greek; smooth or crumbly; in blocks or marinated in olive oil and herbs and spices. 

This recipe is easy enough for a weeknight treat but special enough to share with friends and family – enjoy!

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