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To make cooking even simpler, Cuisine Companion comes fully equipped with an intiuitive and easy-to-use interface with six automatic functions. Simply put the ingredients into the bowl and select from the. touch pad display to launch the program. The machine does the thinking for you.


Large bowl with lid

(2.5L cooking capacity, cooks for up to 6 people and is dishwasher safe)

Three accessories: Spatula, Cleaning tool and Digital Kitchen scale

1 Million Menus cookbook:100 starters, 100 mains and 100 desserts in unique 3-part-menu creation book.

Access to our online recipe sharing community - Cuisine Companion Club includes access to members-only offers and promotions

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Prepare and cook Sauces; steam ingredients; make soups and broths; slow cook meals; prepare pastries & dough (bread, brioche, cakes); and prepare desserts. Or - use the manual mode for full control of speed, heat and time settings to create your own recipes.

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Featured accessories


  • Ultrablade - chops, mixes and blends
  • Kneading/Crushing Blade - kneads dough and chops tough ingredients
  • Beater - for emulsifying, whipping and beating egg whites
  • Stirrer - to stir and homogenize cooked dishes
  • Steam Basket - for gentle steam cooking
Place shallots in the bowl fitted with the ultra blade knife and mix at speed…
Preheat oven to 180°C and line a tray with baking paper. Insert the kneading…
Place the whisk into the bowl and add the cream and vanilla beans. Whisk the…
Preheat the oven to 160°C and grease and line the base and collar of a 19cm…
The first Sunday in January is traditionally Epiphany Day. Celebrated through…
Place the multiblade knife in bowl add the Bacon cut into strips and pulse for…
Insert the ultra blade into the bowl and add the oats. Coarsely mill on speed…
Mix the yeast and 20ml of luke-warm water together and stand for 20 minutes.…