Delicious Dhal in your Cuisine Companion
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 19:15 |
Cuisine Companion Coconut Dhal

Excerpt: A simple vegetarian dish with a taste of India.

There are so many great vegetarian dishes you can make in the Cuisine Companion. It’s easy to use, does all the work for you and gives you more time!

One of my favourite hearty dishes to make in the Cuisine Companion is dhal.

I always keep a few red chillies in the freezer, as well as a bunch of fresh curry leaves (they’re way better than dried ones). Everything else is in the pantry so it’s a cinch to whip this up fab dish up whenever the craving hits.

If you’ve ever thought dhal was a bland or boring dish, this dairy-free coconut dhal is bound to change your mind. It’s creamy, full of flavour and best of all, really easy to make.

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