Peas Pudding
10 mins
1hr 15mins
Serves 6+


  • Lentils

    1. Yellow Split Peas 500g
    2. Bacon Rindless 300g
    3. Salt 1tsp
    4. Water 1200ml
    5. Butter 125g


Place the multiblade knife in bowl add the Bacon cut into strips and pulse for 10 seconds or until finely chopped.

Replace blade with stirring blade.

Wash split peas to remove starch and place in bowl along withe salt, butter and water.

Cook on speed 3 temp 110c for 1hr 15min.

At the end of cooking mix on speed 9 for 1 min.

Pour int a bowl and allow to set.


Tips and Tricks

Once set it can also be used for pea and ham soup by warming up and adding some boiling water and mix until smooth


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